Who we are
KERA is a voluntary scientific association of researchers conducting research in the field of education development. The Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013, concerned with promotion of research of all types on educational topics in Kazakhstan conducted by Kazakhstani educational researchers and dissemination of the results of educational research (both national and international) to appropriate constituencies. 

KERA aims to provide support to members and especially early career researchers in designing and conducting educational research studies. It contributes to education policy development by offering recommendations aimed at improvement of the educational system of the country and creation of an information network for the purpose of disseminating research related to innovative approaches to pedagogical activity in the preschool, secondary school, undergraduate, and postgraduate environments. 

The idea of creating a member-led organization, dedicated to supporting educational researchers and promoting quality research in education in Kazakhstan, was coined by professor David Bridges, a member of the European Educational Research Association and participant of a broad-scale research in Kazakhstani educational sphere, at a meeting of the partners of Nazarbayev University. The idea was enthusiastically supported both by the university researchers and administrators. Aida Sagyntayeva, Chief Executive Director of the Graduate School of Education and Timothy Gerald Reigan, the Dean, contributed greatly to the creation of the KERA, which was founded in the end of 2013.