Founding members
Aida Sagintayeva
Associate Professor Aida Sagintayeva is Chief Executive Director of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE). Prior to joining NUGSE, Aida Sagintayeva has been Vice-Rector for Finance and International Affairs at Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

Kairat Kurakbayev
Kairat Kurakbayev is the Research Institute’s Director at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE). Prior to joining NUGSE, he served as an acting director of the Department for Strategic Planning and a deputy director of the Department for International Cooperation at Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

Christopher Whitsel
Christopher Whitsel is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Nazarbayev University. His research focus has been education and inequality of access in post-Soviet Central Asia. More specifically, his work highlights barriers that families face in sending their children to school and the ways that community differences constrain their decisions. 

Carole Faucher
Carole Faucher is Full Professor with the GSE. She obtained her PhD in Sociology from the National University Singapore and her MSc in Anthropology from the Université de Montréal. She has held faculty positions at the University of Tsukuba, the Mahidol International University College and the National University of Singapore ...

Lynne Parmenter
Lynne Parmenter is Associate Dean of the GSE. Lynne obtained her PhD from the University of Durham (UK), and is interested in the areas of globalisation and education, teacher education, citizenship education, intercultural education and language education. 

Aliya Kuzhabekova
Aliya Kuzhabekova is an Assistant Professor at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. She obtained her PhD in Higher Education Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota, USA. After completing her PhD, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Science, Technology, and Public Policy (CSTPP) at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.
Nazipa Ayubayeva
Nazipa Ayubayeva is currently doing her PhD at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge (UK). She has been a Deputy Chair of the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” since 2009.

Murat Orunkhanov
Professor Murat Orunkhanov is a national consultant of the Research Project at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. Murat Orunkhanov is a graduate of Novosibirsk State University, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Aigerim Mynbayeva
Aigerim Mynbayeva is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of General and Ethnic Pedagogics at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. She earned her candidate degree from Buketov Karaganda State University in 2001 and a doctorate from Kazakh National University in 2010.

Aliya Bizhanova
Aliya Bizhanova works as an operations officer in the Education Global Practice of the World Bank. She is involved in education and social protection initiatives that provide technical and advisory assistance to the Government of Kazakhstan in youth development, secondary and TVE education, as well as the issues of skills and jobs.

Fatima Zhakypova
Professor Fatima Zhakypova, PhD Economics, is a graduate of Kazakh State University where she studied Political Economics at the School of Philosophy and Economics. Upon graduation, she joined the faculty of the Department of Political Economics at Kazakh State University.

Kulyash Shamshidinova
Kulyash N. Shamshidinova is the Chairman of the Board of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. She started her career as a teacher of chemistry at a secondary school. 

Leila Iyldyz
Leila is a PhD candidate at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. She obtained an MPhil in Education from the University of Cambridge, which she attended under a prestigious Cambridge Trusts Chevening scholarship.

Makpal Dzhadrina
Makpal Dzhadrina is a Deputy Director at the Centre for Educational Programmes, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools). In 2010-2013, she worked as a senior manager at the AOE “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.” She began her career as a teacher of chemistry and biology.

Nurgali Arshabekov
Professor Nurgali Arshabekov (Doctor of Philosophy) has been serving as Rector of Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute since 2011. From 2002 to 2011, her served in the Ministry of Education and Science and Committee for Control and Attestation in Education and Science.

Sholpan Kalanova
Sholpan Kalanova (Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Candidate of Chemical Sciences) is the President of Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education. She earned an undergraduate degree (with distinction) in Engineering from the Kazakh Chemical-Technological Institute in Shymkent. 

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